Family Mediation

Family mediation is a free and confidential service where separated parents come together with a skilled mediator to make arrangements for their children. Where appropriate a child/young person may be able to meet with a specially trained mediator to give their views, for these to be shared with parents in mediation. The mediation process can also be helpful where conflict arises in step-families or inter-generational relationships, such as between parents/grandparents and young people.

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Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace can cause long-term stress and absences. Mediation offers an alternative means of resolving disputes in the workplace. We also specialist mediation for the workplace, usually paid for by the employer.

One of our mediators also offers workplace mediation.

If you are an employer and think mediation could help your staff, please contact us.

If you are an employee and think mediation could help you to resolve a workplace dispute, please contact us for more information.


We provide a range of confidential counselling, mediation and family support services free of charge. Please get in touch if you think we can help you or someone you know. We will respond to your message within 1 working day. An initial appointment is usually offered within 5 working days.

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